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2013-11-12 14:22:49 by twewy-gm-chris

sorry for deleting my contact info, i did it because their going to shut down hyves. thats why. besides, i dont do anything with hyves anymore. sorry.

i made flash movie review no 400! yeaaah!

SAW game project

2013-04-25 11:51:55 by twewy-gm-chris

lately, im working on a SAW based game. if anyone wants to know how it gonna looks like, check out my resent art.
p.s.: ideas are always welkom

flash ideas and help

2013-03-22 15:30:12 by twewy-gm-chris

allright~, how can i make flash movies with windows moviemaker and paint only + turning them into pdf-files.
and if someone has an idea for a flash movie for me, please share it with me.

kind regards twewy-gm-chris

forget about it...

2013-03-10 09:07:38 by twewy-gm-chris

no one has replyed on the last post, so i stopped with it. sorry, but that project i wanted to submit isnt going to come.


2013-02-05 13:08:50 by twewy-gm-chris

how can i turn movie files i made with windows movie maker into flash files? answer me, please!


2012-12-21 14:28:31 by twewy-gm-chris

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! and a happy new year! oh yeah, and i stil need some good art for my saw parody. oh well, if you want to know why, just check my previous post for more detailes.


saw parody

2012-11-25 14:32:37 by twewy-gm-chris

i want to make a saw parody. all i need is good drawings that i can use, but before anyone starts drawing, please read my c-hut logo post
kind regards twewy-gm-chris.

saw parody


2012-10-27 13:55:53 by twewy-gm-chris

why did tom fulp deleted all my uploaded music?! i mean, everyone uploads music on newgrounds that came from youtube or that he/she doesnt own! right? so why the hell?!


2012-10-26 03:28:39 by twewy-gm-chris

its my 15'th birthday! so congratulations to my self! and everyone who need me to submit something on the audio portal, please follow the 4 steps on my post!